Calmac Ferries Ltd.


Calmac Ferries Ltd.

United Kingdom

Description:  David MacBrayne Limited, which is wholly owned by Scottish Ministers, is the parent company of the David MacBrayne Group. The Group’s principal subsidiaries are CalMac Ferries Limited, which operates the Clyde and Hebrides ferry services, which operates the Northern Isles ferry services. The Company is committed to its part in providing and improving transport services to people in island and remote communities. The David MacBrayne group operates Ro-Ro ferry services to the islands and the peninsula communities off the west coast of Scotland. Overall the group operates 32 vessels, on 26 routes with more than 34,000 sailings per year. On a daily basis, it is employed to transport both passengers on foot, private cars, vans, commercial vehicles, freight, as well as dangerous goods. Bearing the above in mind, the David MacBrayne group assists in the transportation of a huge number of passengers and vehicles including 5.5 million passengers, 1.2 million cars, 135,000 commercial vehicles and 13,600 coaches in the last 12 months. Moreover, the David MacBrayne Group operates a number of vessels ranging from entirely enclosed multiple deck sea going vessels to single open deck ferries operating in coastal waters.


Main tasks:  As a ferry operator operating various vessels in harsher and restricted water while trying to comply with Scottish Governments gas emission limits. DMB will provide input into the identification of safety critical situations and operations in harsh and restricted water as well advising on functional demands as an operator. DMB will also assisting in validation activities through utilisation of their expertise and fleet resources for full scale testing.


Key Personnel:

Mr Scott Ure, Technical Director of CALMAC is a Marine Engineer and worked as chief engineer since 1991 and was technical manager and senior technical manager between 1991 and 2012 at Calmac. Since 2013 He is the technical director of Calmac dealing with fleet management, new ship projects and ship service support
Mr Drew Collier; Chief Risk Officer at Calmac has been with Calmac since 2002 and dealing with operations of the ships. He is responsible with the implementation of safety regulations and development of risk mitigation strategies and procedures.