Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo


Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo

Public Research Center

Description: Research on hydrodynamics of ships and offshore structures. The Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo (CEHIPAR) is a non-profit public body belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Defence. It was created 75 years ago to the purpose of investigating ship and offshore hydrodynamics. To this purpose the institution has available three main facilities: a calm water tank (350x13x7 m), a cavitation tunnel and a seakeeping and manoeuvrability basin. Large facilities for testing scaled models: Calm water tank: 350x12x7 m, Seakeeping, manoeuvrability and ocean basin: 150 x 30 x5 m, Cavitation Tunnel, Model fabrication and instrumentation, CFD and numerical department The Ship’s Dynamics Laboratory of CEHIPAR opened in 1992 is provided with the most modern technology for carrying out hydrodynamic tests of ships and offshore structures both in seakeeping and manoeuvrability studies. Its main facility is a basin with dimensions 150x30x5 m (fixed depth. It is provided with a snake type wavemaker for generation of 2D and 3D waves It is provided with a CPMC (Computerized Planar Motion Carriage), which allows the realization of captive tests of the PMM type. Also free running tests can be carried out. Instrumentation for measuring maneuvering forces and propeller loads are available. The effect of wind can be simulated by means of calibrated fans mounted on the model. The institution has a total of 100 employees. It is considered as a Large Scale Facility by the EU and a Singular and Strategic Facility by the Spanish government.


Main tasks: The main contribution proposed by CEHIPAR is in WP3 mainly in the realization of experimentalstudies, analysis of results and validation of numerical tools.


Key Personnel:

Adolfo Marón. Manager of R&D department. Ph. D. in Naval Architecture (Polytechnical University of Madrid). M. Sc. In Ocean Engineering (MIT). Member of the Seakeeping Committee of ITTC for 9 years. Experience of 25 years in the realization of model tests in seakeeping and manoeuvring.
Eloy Carrillo. Manager of Non-conventional Projects. Professor at the Naval Architecture School (Polytechnical University of Madrid). Specialized in the realization of non conventional model tests and free model manoeuvring.
Juan Ponce. Manager of Instrumentation department. Ph. D. in Naval Architecture (Polytechnical University of Madrid). Specialist on instrumentation development.