Eigen Vermogen Flanders Hydraulics


Eigen Vermogen Flanders Hydraulics

Public Laboratory

Description: Flanders Hydraulics public agency (EVFH) will be the official partner and will have an internal agreement with Flanders Hydraulics Research division (FHR) of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works of the Flemish Government. The co-operation between FHR and the Maritime Technology Division of Ghent University (MT-UGent) was strengthened in May 2008 with the foundation of the Knowledge Centre for Ship Manoeuvring in Shallow and Confined Water. MT-UGent will act als subcontractor of FHR. Model testing facilities at Flanders Hydraulics Research consist of a shallow water towing tank (useful length 67 m, width 7 m, maximum water depth 0.5 m) suited for ship models up to 4.5 m length (for sea-going vessels), equipped with a computerized planar motion carriage, a wave generator (for long-crested regular and irregular waves) and an auxiliary carriage for ship-ship interaction. Channel geometries (banks) can be built in; standard banks (vertical, sloped, submerged) are available. An interesting (and unique) feature worth mentioning: extensive automation allows unmanned execution of captive model tests (24 h / day, 7 days / week). The carriage can also be operated in free-running (tracking) mode. Number of captive model tests in 24h is approximately 30.


Main tasks:  Ship manoeuvring behaviour: experimental investigation (model techniques), manoeuvring simulation, shallow water effects, restricted water effects, effects of muddy bottoms on ship behaviour, lock entrance, ship-ship interaction. Ship motions in waves: general, shallow water effects, probabilistic approach for channel design. Ship squat. Ship simulation studies.


Key Personnel:

Prof. Dr. Katrien Eloot (MSc Naval Architecture UGent 1995, PhD UGent 2006) is senior expert nautical research at FHR and professor in ship hydrodynamics, specialism of ship manoeuvrability, at Ghent University, Belgium. Technical Team Member of the NATO-RTO-AVT teams 183 and 216, member of PIANC Working Group Incom 141 (Design Guidelines for Inland Waterways).
Dr. Guillaume Delefortrie (MSc Naval Architecture UGent 2001, PhD UGent 2007) is junior expert nautical research at Flanders Hydraulics Research. He is presently in charge for the experimental research in ship hydrodynamics at FHR and the development of mathematical manoeuvring models in shallow and confined water. Member and secretary of ITTC Manoeuvring Committee (2011-2014).
Prof. Dr. Marc Vantorre Full senior professor in the field of maritime hydrodynamics, Head of Maritime Technology Division. Naval Architect (M.Sc., UGent, 1981), PhD (UGent 1986), PhD (UGent 1990). Member and secretary of ITTC Manoeuvring Committee (1993-2002), member of PIANC Working Groups 30 (Dimensions of channels and fairways), MarCom49 (Horizontal and vertical dimensions of fairways), MarCom54 (Use of hydro/meteo information to optimize safe port access), 155 (Ship behaviour in locks and lock approaches), PIANC Expert Group on direct access to maritime ports by inland waterway transport vessels, Maritime Advisory Board of Panama Canal Authorities.