Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft mbH & Co KG


Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft mbH & Co KG

Description: Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) is a medium sized newbuilding shipyard with a total workforce of abt. 750. The yard is involved in building Ro/Ro and Ro/Pax-ships, navy support vessels and others like handy-size multi-purpose and special purpose ships. The yard focuses on series and one off production of ships. It has achieved a strong development since the early 1990’s in the areas of design, fabrication and organisation and an active ongoing development strategy involving co-operation within the national and European shipbuilding industry and research institutions.


Main tasks: GL WP1: Definition of typical environmental conditions and operation profiles for RoRo or RoPax Ferries, WP4: Validation of tools in a yards environment, WP5: Input to development of Optimisation Platform from yards point of view, WP6: Application case study RoRo or RoPax ferry, WP07: Dissemination and IMO work


Key Personnel:

Dr.-Ing. Florian Kluwe will participate in the project as the yards coordinator. He is manager of FSG’s research and innovation team which is responsible for the yard’s hydrodynamic activities, in-house software development and research coordination. Before joining FSG he worked as scientific assistant at the Institute of Ship Design and Ship Safety at the Hamburg University of Technology. During this time he was responsible for research projects in the fields of ship seakeeping and ship safety in waves. He has strong practical experience in ship design with emphasize on hullform development, hull resistance and propulsion layout. Dr. Kluwe has in total seven years of experience in national and European funded research projects (e.g. Adopt)
Dipl. Ing. Thomas Gosch will participate in the project. Since several years he is the head of FSG´s department for Research and Development. He has a strong practical and theoretical expertise in ship design. Over all Mr. Gosch owns 16 years of experience in research and development. He has participated in a large number of European funded projects, e.g. FASDHTS, SAND.CORe, InterShip, Marstruct, SafeDor, Adopt, BESST, FireResist.
Dipl. Ing Rolf Nagel will participate in the project in the area of sustainability. He is a naval architect and achieved his Diploma at University of Hamburg in 1988. He has 17 years of experience at FSG as head of the product development group. For the BEST project, he was responsible for coordinating the Life Cycle Tool development. In 2010, he started a complementary university study and is expected to achieve his MBA in Sustainability Management end of 2012.