Germanischer Lloyd SE


Germanischer Lloyd SE


Description: Germanischer Lloyd, established in 1867, is an international organization for ship classification, safety and quality control. GL is offering a wide range of technical expertise to industry throughout the world including surveying and certification of safety of ships, offshore structures and other industrial units and certification of Quality Systems. GL establishes standards, guidelines and rules for the design, construction and survey of ships flying any flag and other marine structures such as mobile offshore units. The business unit Research & Rule Development develops concepts, novel technologies and innovative products especially for classification and consulting. The focus is on reducing the risks in transport (safer), reducing life-cycle costs and increasing the availability for transport (smarter) and reducing the emissions from transport (greener). The business unit Maritime Solutions offers consultancy and engineering services, software, certification and training.


Main tasks: GL will coordinate WP7, which critically assesses the project results before submitting the key recommendations to IMO. GL will also develop a set of numerical tools in the frame of WP2, and contribute to the validation and preparation of submission to IMO.


Key Personnel:

Dr. Vladimir Shigunov, senior engineer in the department Fluid Dynamics is responsible for research and development addressing advanced hydrodynamic challenges. Previous experience includes seakeeping analysis for research and customer projects, intact and damage stability for internal research projects and IMO, and minimum requirements in adverse conditions for IACS.
Helge Rathje, process and technology practice leader for loads and responses in department Rule Development is responsible for rule development and damage analysis regarding environmental loads, ship stability and hull response monitoring. His experienced is in leading IACS working teams and research projects.
Torsten Mundt, senior engineer in the department Safety and Environmental Research, is responsible for developing new products reducing emissions to air. He advises the German flag state delegation at IMO on EEDI issues.
Dr. Pierre C. Sames, senior vice president of the business unit Research and Rule Development, is responsible for coordination of all technical research project of GL Maritime Services. His previous experience includes managing large research projects as well as hydrodynamics and risk assessment. He managed an IACS project team on EEDI minimum power.