Instituto Superior Tecnico


Instituto Superior Técnico


Description: INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TECNICO (IST) is the Engineering School of the Technical University of Lisbon, It has an academic staff of approximately 1000, about 9000 undergraduate students and 800 PhD students. The Centre for Marine Technology and Engineering (CENTEC) is the Research Unit of Instituto Superior Técnico that will be participating in this project. It has total research personnel of 84, organised in four groups: Marine Environment, Marine Dynamics and Hydrodynamics, Marine Structures and Safety, Reliability and Maintainability. Amongst these, there are 36 persons at PhD. level, 36 at MSc. level and 12 at graduate level. This Centre has been involved in about 60 European projects and 30 National projects.


Main tasks: CENTEC will lead WP2 and will participate in various other WPs as 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7


Key Personnel:

Carlos Guedes Soares, is a Professor and the President of CENTEC. He had his postgraduate education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Norwegian Institute of Technology. He has been involved in about 60 European projects, coordinating 6 of them, and has also co-ordinated about 15 national projects. He has published about 400 papers in international journals, and 600 papers in books and conferences, and is a member of several international organisations and of the Editorial Board of several scientific journals. He has coordinated projects such as WAVEMOD, HIPOCAS, FREAK WAVES, SHIPREL, MARSTRUCT and SAFERELNET dealing with ship design and safety in extreme
conditions. It was also technical coordinator of projects like REBASDO, SAFEOFFLOAD, WAVELOADS, HANDLING WAVES and EXTREME SEAS.
Dr. Serge Sutulo, an Associate Professor responsible for the teaching of Ship Manoeuvring and Control. He has been the Principal investigator of several 3-year national projects such as: “Intelligent Simulator of Ship Manoeuvring”, “Dynamic and Hydrodynamics of Ships in Approaching Fairways”, “Methodology for ships manoeuvrability tests with self-propelled models”, “Towing dynamics of ships in harbour areas” and has been involved in EU Projects such as SPAN and EFFORTS.
Dr. Manuel F. Ventura is Assistant Professor since 1990 He is responsible for the teaching of Ship Design and of Ship Machinery and Auxiliary Systems. He has been involved in various EU projects related with Computer Aided Ship Design and with Maritime Transportation, such as SEASPRITE, MARVIN, CAS, TRAPIST, MARVIN, EFFORTS, FLAGSHIP.
Dr. Tiago Santos is Adjunct Assistant Professor. He concluded his PhD at IST in 2007 on Dynamic Analysis of Damaged Ships”. He has been involved in Projects such as NEREUS, ROROPROB and SAFECRAFTS.
Dr. Alexander Lavrov is a Researcher at CENTEC and concluded his PhD degree in Russia in 1978 and is a specialist in Fluid Mechanics working on CFD.