Strathclyde University

Strathclyde University
United Kingdom

Description: The Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) in the University of Strathclyde is a world leading academic institution dedicated itself in the pursuit of research excellence to maximise its research profile and reputation in the marine community. The Department has 14 academic staff, 13 research fellows, 6 RAs, 70 PhDs, and 282 Undergraduate and 110 postgraduate students. The main research interests of the staff in the Department lie in ship design, ship stability and safety, marine hydrodynamics, marine structures, offshore engineering, sustainable marine engineering and emerging technologies. The Department is an integral part of the University’s renowned Faculty of Engineering, which is the largest in Scotland and has a global reputation for producing quality engineers. It has one of the largest towing/wave tanks amongst the Universities in Europe and is equipped with modern measuring and data acquisition equipment. The facility is ideal for testing of models of offshore structures and subsea systems as well as ships and high speed craft. NAME research activities cover a broad range in ship stability, safety, marine structures, hydrodynamics, design and manufacturing, marine engineering, ship management and operation. The six distinctive research areas compromise and represent the cutting edge areas of R&D in marine technology. Each centre/group has been actively attracting research grants from industry, EPSRC, Government and the European Commission. The outcomes of research have contributed remarkably to innovation and advancement of technology, establishment and revision of conventions and rules of IMO, Government bodies and classification societies, improvement of safety, environment sustainability and efficient production and operation of ships.


Main tasks:  WP1, WP2, WP4 and WP5, focusing on the tool development for manoeuvring and stability in waves using potential flow code and assessment of various vessels in terms of safety and energy efficiency.


Key Personnel:

Professor Atilla Incecik is Professor of Offshore Engineering and Head of Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Strathclyde University. Professor Incecik has been responsible for the development of design and analysis tools and model testing of marine and offshore engineering systems during his research activities both in industry and academia.
Professor Osman Turan is one of leading experts on safety, design for safety covering, human factors, decision support system, and advanced design and optimisation techniques using artificial intelligence. He has been involved forefront of the waterborne safety and contributed significantly to the development of safety related rules at various platforms including IMO. He has been involved in many maritime accident investigations using pioneering techniques to establish the reasons of the accidents including human factors and develop solutions to eliminate/mitigate the accidents and safety critical conditions. He is also involved in nation and international projects related to Energy Efficient Ship Design and operation projects
Dr. Evangelos Boulougouris is Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, Dept. of NA&ME. He has over 40 technical publications and he has been awarded various prizes. He graduated from NA&ME – NTUA with a PhD on the design optimisation for enhanced survivability of passenger and naval ships. He is member of RINA and SNAME.