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Description:  The TUB’s research and teaching endeavors are characterised by a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, ranging from engineering science to natural science, planning science and economics as well as humanities and social sciences. TUB owns, among other marine facilities, a 120m long, 8m wide and 1.1m deep seakeeping basin equipped with towing carriage, an optic technique to measure ship motions and a piston & flap-type wavemaker at the end of the tank. The quality of the generated long-crested regular and irregular waves provides an excellent possibility to carry out experimental tests for validation purposes even if shallow water effects should be present, depending on the size of the model and generated waves.


Main tasks: The main task of the participation of the TUB within this research project lays in the development of a numerical tool based on RANS simulations to accurately predict the manoeuvrability and required added power in adverse conditions (WP2 and WP4), as well as the experimental validation of these simulations with enhanced measurement techniques (WP3).


Key Personnel:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cura Hochbaum has been involved in several research topics considering manoeuvrability and shipdynamics since 1994 and held the position of the chairman for the ITTC Manoeuvring Commitee between 2005 and 2011. Holding professional long term positions in two towing-tank institutions, Prof. Cura Hochbaum gained extensive experience on a both numerical and experimental basis. Furthermore, he is lecturing as the managing director of the Department of Dynamics of Maritime Systems, among other modules, Shipdynamics, Manoeuvrability of Ships as well as Numerical Simulations for Maritime Systems.
Jan Löhrmann graduated in 2010 as a Naval Architect and is working as a research assistant at the department of Dynamics of Maritime Systems. He is lecturing/supporting in the modules of Resistance & Propulsion, Seakeeping as well as Introduction to Experimental Facilities. His research focus is laying on seakeeping analysis using RANS based numerical simulations.
Karsten Rieck has more than 20 years of experience of working in a towing tank institution and has been leading the department for numerical simulations. Since 2013 he is the leading technician and hence responsible for all research facilities owned by the department of Dynamics of Maritime Systems including, among others, a large towing tank, a seakeeping tank and two large cavitation tanks.