Technische Universiteit Delft


Technische Universiteit Delft

The Netherlands

Description:  Delft University of Technology (DUT), established in 1846, is the only University in the Netherlands with an academic maritime research and education program. The Department of Marine & Transport Technology (M&TT), part of the Faculty of Mechanical, Marine and Materials Engineering (3mE) has research and consulting expertise in a diverse range of maritime subjects, ranging from hydromechanics to production logistics. Broad know-how and experience is available, reflected in the participation in a variety of national and international projects, (inter)national papers and consultancy for major marine related industries both in The Netherlands and abroad. The department participates in a host of EUfunded and national research projects and has a track record in scientific and applied research in marine technology. The research has resulted in the publication of doctoral thesis and many papers, both in Journals and on international high level conferences. The Marine Engineering group of the department of Marine & Transport Technology of the Delft University of Technology has been involved in research into (1) Dynamic behaviour of complex systems, (2) Maintenance Engineering (including Condition Monitoring), (3) Concept Exploration of Complex Marine Machinery Installations and (4) Fuels and emissions since the late ’80. Since the ’90 the group works closely together with the Marine Platform Systems section of the Netherlands Defence Academy. As a result Mean Value First Principle models of all major components of ship machinery were and are being developed and especially research into the interaction between the various components has resulted in many scientific papers and several PhD projects.


Main tasks: Further refinement of tools that can predict the dynamic behaviour of propulsion systems in severe operational conditions. DUT will contribute to the modelling of the engine-propeller performance in adverse conditions within WP4 of SHOPERA.


Key Personnel:

Professor Douwe Stapersma holds the position of professor in Marine Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He graduated in 1973 as a mechanical engineer at Delft University of Technology in the field of gas turbines and then joined Nevesbu – the Dutch design bureau for naval ships – where he was involved in the design and engineering of the machinery installation of the Standard frigate. After that he co-ordinated the integration of the
automatic propulsion control system for a class of export corvettes. From 1980 onward he was responsible for the design and engineering of the machinery installation of the Walrus class submarines and in particular the machinery automation. After that he was in charge of the design of the Moray class submarines in a joint project organisation with RDM. Nowadays Stapersma is professor of Naval Engineering at the Royal Netherlands Naval College and lectures Marine Diesel Engines at Delft University of Technology. His main research topics are Fuels & Emissions and Dynamics of complex Marine Systems.
Ir. Peter de Vos holds the position of assistant professor in Marine Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (DUT) since 2010, after having fulfilled the position of researcher
for two years at DUT. He graduated cum laude in 2008 on a dynamic simulation of a fuel reformer necessary for PEM fuel cell application. His main research topics are design and dynamic behaviour of complex marine systems. He has published multiple papers on a wide variety of Marine Engineering related subjects. He is performing a part-time PhD-study on MOdel-based Ship Energy System Conceptual Design.