12 Nov 2015

International Benchmark Study on Numerical Simulation Methods for the Prediction of Added Resistance and Manoeuvrability of Ships in Waves

The introduction of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships represents a major step forward in implementing energy efficiency regulations in maritime transportation. There are, however, serious concerns regarding the sufficiency of propulsion power and steering devices to maintain manoeuvrability of ships in adverse conditions, if the EEDI requirements are achieved by simply reducing the installed engine power.

The European research project SHOPERA (Energy Efficient Safe SHip OPERAtion), funded by the European Commission aims to develop suitable methods and tools to enable the development of improved guidelines and their submission for consideration to IMO-MEPC in 2016.

In the frame of activities of SHOPERA, an open blind international benchmark study is organized, in which the results of selected tank tests regarding the added resistance and maneuverability of ships in waves will be benchmarked. The aim of this benchmark study is to assess the accuracy/reliability of current numerical simulation methods worldwide and the international State-of-Art in the study field. The outcome of the benchmark study is planned to be presented at a public workshop in London and IMO in April 2016.

The Call for Participation along with relevant documents may be downloaded from the SHOPERA web site.